A Guide to Go RV-Green

If you are interested in helping to save the planet, or just save some money, the writers of the “Living the RV Lifestyle eBook” have come out with a new detailed and updated guide on “how to save fuel when driving an RV.

According to the authors, you start saving fuel when you choose a fuel-efficient RV in the first place. Uh, okay. Makes sense. But most of us are way past that moment even though we can surely agree that no one wants to pay for “more” fuel or encourage some big oil company to lay pipeline across pristine wilderness.

The article is not a list of cheap gas stations, but is a list of creative ideas to save on fuel. For example, stay for longer periods of time at your destination. A parked RV uses less fuel than one on the road. And if we stay a whole season, we can go-green by growing our own food.

Next, plan your route. Getting lost or taking those winding back roads burns too much fuel. However, those winding backroads could help avoid freeway stop-and-go traffic. Bottom line, if you love the spontaneity of the RV Lifestyle and the scenic route, you will not save fuel. Nor will you save fuel if you go up winding mountain roads. So come to Florida where we have that topography thing under control. No elevation except on freeway overpasses.

Don’t get lost. But if you do, have your Sat Nav handy. Getting lost wastes fuel. Whether you use a Sat Nav, a TomTom, Magellan, Google Maps, homing pigeon, or those completely impossible-to-refold AAA roadmaps, go green by not getting lost because getting found takes extra fuel. 

Don’t have breakdowns or flat tires. RVs that are in good repair burn fuel more efficiently. Tires that are properly inflated roll down the road easier using less fuel. Plus, if you do break down, the AAA rescue unit that drives to your location (and back again) uses even more gasoline!

Travel light. All that extra weight equals more fuel. We will not discuss what constitutes “extra weight”—so figure this one out for yourself. But we digress…

The next advice is to turn off heating and AC when not absolutely necessary. We’re in Florida. Turning off the AC is not an option during summer months, and tricky at best during winter months. But we get the idea.

Don’t idle excessively when you are stopped on the road or in campsites. Years ago, it took more gas to restart an engine than to idle an engine, but modern engines are less fuel-heavy on startup. Battery drain could be an issue. In a campsite, the issues go beyond green — it’s just rude to make neighbors listen to your engine noise and breath the pollution.

The last tip is to drive under 60 mph and don’t speed up or slow down too suddenly or too often. We hope our friends at Your RV Lifestyle will forgive our humor, because who doesn’t want to live a cleaner, greener, more sustainable way of life — every bit helps.

By the way, did you know we have a No-Waste store just a few miles from Floridays at 3876 SE Dixie Hwy, Stuart. JAR, the zero-waste shop, has been featured by Martha Stewart Living and takes going-green to a whole new level.

RV Daily Report Closes Its Doors

You may have never visited the RV DailyReport online or read the articles posted by its Editor Greg Gerber, but we’ve watched it for you. They aggregate articles about the RV industry, and that saves us time. The RV Daily Report’s goal was to become THE trusted independent public forum for the RV industry. With some controversy, they did that. But tomorrow, on Thursday, June 21, 2019, they close their doors. As their illustrious editor puts it, they will “fade into the sunset to be remembered only in the annals of RV industry history.”

In their honor, we are reposting one of their most read articles. Originally posted on July 3, 2014, here’s: Transform a sofa into bunks in a few seconds. 

Sofa, or bunk beds? Or both?

LARISA, Greece — Papaioannou Furniture introduces an innovative, easy and reliable solution that saves space and time by turning a sofa into a bunk bed in a few seconds, quick and easy.

The Coupé sofa comes with an Italian made mechanism that offers a 2-year factory warranty, as well as a variety of textures, that are easily removed for cleaning.

It features an orthopedic slatted base and orthopedic mattresses measuring 80-by-190 cm (31.5-by-74.75 inches), and includes a built-in ladder plus embedded guard rail protection. Not just for children, it can accommodate adult weights as well.

To view the sofa, we recommend CoolThings;
The original Proteus video on YouTube;
The new upbeat video version;
For Facebook fans

Greg Gerber’s farewell blog ends with a quote from his all-time favorite TV character, Star Fleet Captain Jean-Luc Picard, 

“It is possible to commit no mistakes and still lose.”

How an Article on Renting an RV Led to a Psychology Session

Chris Moller is a camping enthusiast born in Switzerland and the founder of Campanda, a web-based company that matches unused RVs with RV renters worldwide. Anyone, from an RV dealer to an RV owner, can apply to list their RV for rent on the Campanda website. Owners that use their RV only part of the year can list it with Campanda, set their own terms and prices, and make money with the RV instead of just parking it. Learn more here.

If renting out your RV is not for you, you may still enjoy Campanda Magazine. The magazine is how we found out about Campanda’s RV rentals in the first place!

One particular Campanda Magazine article is entitled, “The sofa made me do it.” Who could resist reading more? The author, Camille Attell, writes with candor and humor about, after 20 years in the corporate world, leaving everything behind to live, work, and travel in an RV. Enjoy Camille’s article here.

Camille hard at work.

If you liked Camille’s writing style, you’re in luck. Camille has a master’s degree in counseling psychology and change management, so knows something about transformation in life. According to Camille, if you’re anxious, you’re normal. She write to help prepare RVers for the emotional challenges of full-time RV living at More Than A Wheelin’.

RV Lifestyle is About Choices

The choices to keep the comforts of a brick-and-mortar home and add an RV for long road trips, or to sell your home and go full-time with the RV lifestyle can be daunting. 

For some, it comes down to cost. For many, it comes down to the thrill of adventure. For both, there’s the aspect of simply choosing freedom.

Here are some thoughts on going full-time.

Choose the right RV

Whether you are looking for adventure on the road, or parking seasonally in climates that suit your style, you want to choose the right RV at the beginning. There’s money to be saved with a used RV, but if you choose a preowned RV be sure you have inspected by an independent RV inspector. Weight the cost of a new more efficient RV with lower operating costs vs. a pre-owned RV that’s less efficient and likely to need ongoing repairs. 

Choose the right RV Park

Boondocking in public spaces like Walmart parking lots or public lands will save money when you are on the road, but when choosing to put down roots in a RV Park, look for one with one-site management, great laundry facilities, convenience to shopping and medical care, and appropriate lots with space for patios and slides.

There are many choices, more than we can mention here. But isn’t that what the lifestyle is about anyway? The choice to keep life simple, affordable, and flexible. We’ve often heard that RVers believe that life is the journey, not the destination. 

We’d love to hear about the choices you think are important and why. Visit our Facebook page.

Our Pick for The Best Blog on RV’ing

A recent article on TripSavvy about the five best RV blogs to follow caught our attention. So we dived right in to discover which blogs we thought our fans would enjoy. Hours and many pages later, we found ourselves still on the first listing: Love Your RV hosted by a Canadian named Ray.

loveyourRV  screenshot
LoveYourRV! site screenshot

Ray and his wife Anne have been a full-timers for seven years and have logged over 60,000 miles from their home base in Nanaimo, BC, Canada. His monthly blog has 6 sections: Tips & Tricks, Mods & Upgrades, Product Reviews, RV Travel, Boondocking, and of course, About Us. 

Ray offers a free eBook, Tips to the RV Life, as a gift when you sign up. We did! The eBook is beautifully done, well written, and packed with great photos and super useful articles, tips, and suggestions. Fifth Wheel owners will want to read the eBook article on 5th wheel maintenance. Every article was well organized, full of great stuff, and worth reading. 

The home page has a link to an Amazon shopping page that could save time if you’re looking to buy outdoor furniture, sanitation supplies, lighting, and a host of RV wants and needs.

The blog has over 400 posts, so you’ll want to bookmark their site for hours and hours of good reading. In fact, they’ve recently launched a sister site to LoveYourRV.com called RVHappyHour.com, a social community where RVers can meet and mingle online. He calls it a “virtual happy hour”—sort of a sit-around-the-campfire-with-new-friends-and-share -experiences-to-help-each-other-out kind of blog.

Ray comments how social the RV lifestyle is and says that he’s made more friends and connections since they began their RV lives than he made in the previous 20 years. He sounds like a great guy. We checked his travelogue at travellerspoint.com and discovered he’s never stayed at Floridays RV Park. Hopefully, the next time they come through Florida they’ll look us up.

Meantime, here’s a link to their best photos taken of places they’ve visited. Enjoy!h