Floridays in the Summer

Floridays RV Park enjoys tropical Caribbean-like weather year-round. This is because of our unique location on the Atlantic coast of Florida alongside the Gulf Stream. The current moderates the climate, making summers cooler and winters warmer. Gulf breezes are year-round, giving us plenty of sunny summer days with an overall average high temperature of 83 degrees Fahrenheit and an average low of 67 degrees. We see a few 90-degree days, but normally stay close to the comfort range. 

The Gulf Steam’s influence on nature is amazing. Its eddies and cross current flush out coastal areas giving us cleaner water. Marine life abounds, carried up from the Caribbean along Florida’s east coast. Corals colonize the reefs, and that brings the fish.

Humidity can be high in the summer, and afternoon rains are frequent. However, the rain clouds are usually “just passing over.” Locals refer to the summer rains as “Florida Car Washes” and they also keep RVs cleaner. Another advantage is our sandy soil that tolerates the extra water without the muddy conditions experienced elsewhere.

Sperling’s Best Places gives Martin County 5 Stars for Best Places. For fishermen, bird watchers, and outdoor adventurers, Hobe Sound is paradise.

RV Life Along Florida’s Gulf Stream

RV’ers who drive south for the winter often follow their GPS to Florida. Many find themselves along Florida’s Treasure Coast, and a few like it well enough to stay for awhile in Hobe Sound. Why? Florida, as a whole, has four basic climates ranging from humid subtropical to tropical savannah, interspersed with a rainy season, a dry season, and the possibility of tropic cyclones in the late summer and fall. And it all has to do with the Gulf Stream.

gulf stream mapBeginning in the Caribbean and ending in the North Atlantic, the Gulf Stream is one of the world’s most interesting weather phenomena. Powerful enough to be seen from space, its influence on Florida’s weather is profound. From its northwesterly trek across the Caribbean, the Gulf Stream takes a horseshoe curve through the Gulf of Mexico then runs eastward through the Florida Straits before turning sharply northward up the Atlantic coast as far as Cape Hatteras. It hugs the Florida coast from the Keys to the Treasure Coast, then gently veers to the east, further out into the ocean.

The Gulf Stream is why coastal regions remain moderate while Florida’s cotton and citrus groves on the interior of the state can experience relatively dramatic temperature shifts. Along the Treasure Coast, where Floridays RV Park is located, the mainland is shielded from the Atlantic Ocean by narrow sandbars and barrier islands that protect shallow lagoons, rivers, and bays; they provide perfect places to fish, kayak, and paddleboard.

The temperate climate is less volatile and warmer than Florida’s interior and produces an abundance of plant varieties and wildlife unusual for the area’s latitude. The dry season sets in around October and lasts until April. During this time, fronts sweep through the northern and central parts on a regular basis and freezes are rare but not impossible. Further south it’s dryer with those endless days of sunshine that give the state its motto as the Sunshine State.

The RV lifestyle in Florida is at its peak from December through May. But along Florida’s Treasure Coast, the climate is viewed by many to be reliably pleasant all year, making it a good home base for the RV lifestyle. We hope you follow your GPS to Hobe Sound and discover the advantages of Gulf Stream living.