Sea Turtle Walks

Hobe Sound has a special place where anyone can join a trip to the beach, after dark, to experience the wonder of life through the eyes of the female Loggerhead Sea Turtle.

loggerhead turtleThe Loggerhead Sea Turtle is the largest sea turtle in the world. Adults can weigh between 200 and 350 pounds and reach 3 feet in length. Ninety percent of Loggerheads nest in five counties on the eastern seaboard of Florida and their nesting activity is highly monitored.

Female Loggerheads return to land to lay their eggs at night between February and September each year. She lugs her heavy body onto the beach and makes her way to a spot to nest. First she digs a pit, using her powerful flippers to move the sand aside, then deposits up to 120 eggs. Once finished, sand flies as she covers the eggs before returning to the ocean.

From May through July 21st, the Hobe Sound Nature Center at 13640 SE Federal Highway offers specially permitted walks by the US Fish and Wildlife Conversation Commission and US Fish and Wildlife Service so kids and adults can learn about these endangered reptiles and experience a female Loggerhead lay her eggs in the sand. The center is a mere 5 minute drive south of Floridays RV Park.

Walks begin with a short educational talk, then everyone drives themselves to a nearby designated public beach where spotters guide the group to an area with an active female Loggerhead. The Turtle Walks are immensely popular in the summer months, and they are always fully booked. But cancellations do happen and there’s a waitlist you can join by calling (772) 546-2067 or by making a reservation online. There’s a donation of $5 per person requested and highly appreciated.

If you go on one of the Turtle Walks, share your adventure with others by posting your photos on our Facebook page.

Tiny House or RV?

The rise in popularity of the tiny house hasn’t gone unnoticed by RV enthusiasts. Tiny houses “look” like a house. They are solid, weatherproof, and highly customizable. They can go most places an RV can go. And face it, they are really cute!

Yosemite-Lakes-RV-ResortSo which is better? An RV or Tiny House?

  • Tiny Houses are expensive to tow because they are heavier than most RVs.
  • Traveling with a Tiny House is beyond expensive due to wind resistance.
  • You can park a Tiny House wherever it’s legal, but laws differ from county to county.
  • Tiny houses are made to be infrequently moved.
  • Tiny Houses are noticeable—a downer if you’re trying to “blend in” at a Walmart parking lot.

There are over 13,000 privately-owned RV parks and over 1,600 state parks. Where it’s legal to do so, RVers and Tiny House owners are currently living together in harmony. Certainly, Tiny Houses are all the rage these days and even have their own HGTV show, but when potential buyers were surveyed, only about 30% preferred the idea of a Tiny House while 70% preferred RVs and campers. There are some good reasons why:

  • RVs give you more bang for the buck in terms of sleeping, storage and towing.
  • The RV market is huge, so it’s easier to find that perfect match of price and preference.
  • RVs are relatively easy to insure and have more financing options.
  • The aerodynamic shape of the RV is better for the environment when on the move.

Where both the Tiny House and RV communities agree is living small wherever you wish is a great choice. What are your thoughts? Let us know on our Facebook page.

Good Reviews Make Us Happy

Today, RV Parks are often called the “last small towns of America” and there are thousands all across America. For some, it’s simply home. For others, it’s a temporary home along the road less traveled. RVers enjoy a sense of community, a common bond, with like-minded fellow RVers at all ages and stages of life. For these hearty, adventurous folks and families, finding an RV park that is safe, friendly, conveniently located, and accommodating is an “activity.”

good ReviewsSome websites offer RVers a chance to review or rate the parks. RV Park Reviews (March 2017) gave Floridays 4 Stars. The reviewer referred to Floridays as a “no-frills park with an onsite manager that is as helpful and friendly as are the residents.”

We often hear high praises from our guests about George, and they are well-deserved. And the mention of our friendly residents is music to our ears. Yes, there’s no stand-alone recreation hall, but a large room off the manager’s office is home to some pretty lively bingo games and the firepit gets quite a workout during season with cookouts, cold beer, and live music.

Floridays is located in Hobe Sound, a small “old Florida” town built along the historic Florida East Coast Railway built in the late 19th century by Henry Morrison Flagler, a Standard Oil magnate. Flagler saw the potential of tourism along the east coast of Florida and built the railway to turn his vision into reality. Nowadays, the entire eastern seaboard is crowded and overbuilt—except for Martin County, and especially Hobe Sound. This bit of history explains why the reviewer noted the long trains that rumble through our town. Hardly noticeable by day, It can be noisy at night, but it can also be a comforting reminder of small town America and days gone by. As our trees and other new landscaping plants continue to grow, the trains become less noticeable.

It’s an honest review, and we invite you to read it. We’re happy it mentions our squeaky clean, brand new humongous laundry and shower building (we call it the wash house) that now is fully functional with good water pressure. Our wifi is excellent, and our weather pleasant, even in summer.

If you were a Floridays guest this summer, please consider leaving a short review on our Facebook page or at one of the review sites shown below.

Review Sites

RV Park Reviews
Good Sam

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Easter RV-Style

Easter 2017Spending the holidays on the road in the RV, even as a full-timer, can be a challenge but can also be rewarding. We searched for a few stories that we thought our guests here at Floridays might find inspirational or comforting—at the least, entertaining. Here are a few of our favorites:

Easter Holiday On The Road

by Karen @ RVing Guide
My most memorable holiday so far was when Jim and I were working in south Texas at a large resort. We had several Hispanic guys working for us in maintenance. One of them invited us to spend Easter with his family at a local park. We enjoyed grilling “fajitas” on the barbecue grill, dancing to lively Mexican music, cracking cascarones filled with confetti or flour over each other’s heads, and watching the children break open the Easter bunny piñata.

Read the rest of Karen’s article

Holidays and RVers

by Nick Russell @ Just a Gypsy
We know some snowbirds who wait until after the holidays to head south, and full-timers who brave the weather to travel to be with family. While some take their RVs, others fly or travel by automobile, leaving their RVs in a park down south or out west.

Some of our RVing friends actually do it in reverse, making arrangements for their family members to fly down south to be with them over the holidays.

Read the rest of Nick’s article

Spending Easter In Your RV

by Pleasureland RV Center
One of the fun parts of the RV lifestyle is being able to spend your holidays on the road, but still enjoying the comforts of home. You can always just pick up a corned beef sandwich and some beer for a smaller holiday, like St. Patrick’s day, but conducting an Easter Egg Hunt or roasting a whole ham in your RV can be tricky. Here are some ideas to make Easter work even when you’re on the road:

Here’s the list…

If you have an Easter in the RV story, please share it with us at or post a photo on our Facebook page.

Happy Easter! Happy Spring! And remember, home in an RV is always just where you are.

New Laundry/Shower Facilities

It’s been a labor of love, and we’re proud to announce that Floridays now sports brand spanking new laundry facilities, and men’s and women’s showers and bathrooms. If you’re in the Treasure Coast area, come help us celebrate!

GRAND OPENING – February 24, 2017
11:00 AM Grand Opening of Facilities with Giveaways and Raffles
1:00 PM Corn Hole Tournament—be a winner!
3:00 PM Customer Appreciation BBQ with hamburgers, hot dogs and all the fixins’. BYOB
6:00 PM Live Musical Entertainment with our all-time favorite “T”

Interested? See our Facebook Page

new Bathrooms and Laundry
Our spick-and-span new Laundry and Shower facilities