Reasons to Follow the RV Blogs

There are a few things most of us in the RV lifestyle can agree to:

  • Freedom is a daily occurrence
  • Every window can be a picture window
  • If you don’t like your neighbors, move on
  • Experiences are worth more than possessions
  • Learning that who is more valuable than what
  • Travel is the best way to experience life
  • Boredom is optional

RVers learn from one another, and there’s no better and quicker way to learn than following the blogs.

Of of the best is The Wandering RV, a camping and travel magazine that shares the fun of the RV lifestyle from reviews to guides. Their blogs cover a little bit of everything from product reviews, financing, insurance, and to how to fix almost anything.

Free As Wheel Ever Be keeps you up to date on their adventures as well as opportunities to learn from their experiences and live a more intentional life. 

Camp Addict comes from a couple of RVing friends, Marshall and Kelly, part-time, unmarried, young RVers who are big fans of boondocking. Their goal is to share “real, dependable” RV consumer information that is (and we quote) “not like some of the ‘misinformation’ you can get on the web”. They even take reader questions!

For laughs, if you haven’t yet met John and Mercedes, the RV Odd Couple, it’s not too late to laugh. Our favorites:

RVers: We All Do It