New Look in a Digital World

When we purchased Floridays in 2010 it was called Angle Inn Mobile Court, and probably a few worse names by our South Florida neighbors. We did two things right away. We changed the name to Floridays RV Park and we got rid of guests who refused to share our vision of a clean, friendly, safe, and highly livable RV park.

Now, almost five years later and confident that we can brag about our little piece of paradise in Hobe Sound, we’re happy to announce a new website and a new way to communicate with our guests, both current and past—and hopefully our future guests as well.

Because in Martin County we live in such a diverse and interesting geographical area, and because the history of the Treasure Coast has such intrigue, we’ll share some of that with you. We’ll also keep you updated on anything going on at the park that you should know, like how we’re doing with our continuing landscaping projects and any routine maintenance schedules.

This season we plan some special community activities: a cornhole competition, cookouts, and more.

We encourage you to visit our website and share our news with your RV-loving friends. This is your community. You can help us fill it with like-minded folks like you, season after season.

As always, if there is anything George or I can do to make your stay at Floridays better, please call or email us anytime.

Hobe Sound Murals

Hobe Sound has a rich history. Once called Picture City, in 1925 it was the promised site of a motion picture colony where movies would be made and stars born — that is, until the Great Depression and the hurricane of 1928. A line of concrete light poles along Old Dixie Highway just north of Bridge Road are all that remain of the dream.

Hobe Sound muralToday, Hobe Sound clings to its history, has no high-rise condos marking its beaches, and is one of safest, most pleasant places to live, raise a family, and enjoy the casual Florida lifestyle, especially here at Floridays RV Park.

During your stay, you may discover that the artists in Hobe Sound have a unique way to keep alive the area’s history—in murals. Artist Nadia Utto of Landmark Arts is a local artist with a passion for “creating a beautiful outdoor gallery honoring Hobe Sound’s rich history, present vitality and bright tomorrow”.

Nadia and about 75 other artists have painted murals on the sides of buildings all over Hobe Sound. You can view the murals on Nadia’s website or, better yet, sign up for a Mural Tour offered by the Hobe Sound Chamber of Commerce. On the tour, you’ll visit 16 (and growing) murals across the town by bus. Some murals have secrets hidden within the art, secrets that are revealed during the tour. A nice box lunch is served, and at the end of the tour everyone gets the chance to pick up a paintbrush and add their own touch to a mural underway. Learn more about the Mural Tour and book a spot.