Easter RV-Style

Easter 2017Spending the holidays on the road in the RV, even as a full-timer, can be a challenge but can also be rewarding. We searched for a few stories that we thought our guests here at Floridays might find inspirational or comforting—at the least, entertaining. Here are a few of our favorites:

Easter Holiday On The Road

by Karen @ RVing Guide
My most memorable holiday so far was when Jim and I were working in south Texas at a large resort. We had several Hispanic guys working for us in maintenance. One of them invited us to spend Easter with his family at a local park. We enjoyed grilling “fajitas” on the barbecue grill, dancing to lively Mexican music, cracking cascarones filled with confetti or flour over each other’s heads, and watching the children break open the Easter bunny piñata.

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Holidays and RVers

by Nick Russell @ Just a Gypsy
We know some snowbirds who wait until after the holidays to head south, and full-timers who brave the weather to travel to be with family. While some take their RVs, others fly or travel by automobile, leaving their RVs in a park down south or out west.

Some of our RVing friends actually do it in reverse, making arrangements for their family members to fly down south to be with them over the holidays.

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Spending Easter In Your RV

by Pleasureland RV Center
One of the fun parts of the RV lifestyle is being able to spend your holidays on the road, but still enjoying the comforts of home. You can always just pick up a corned beef sandwich and some beer for a smaller holiday, like St. Patrick’s day, but conducting an Easter Egg Hunt or roasting a whole ham in your RV can be tricky. Here are some ideas to make Easter work even when you’re on the road:

Here’s the list…

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Happy Easter! Happy Spring! And remember, home in an RV is always just where you are.