Amazon Warms Up to RVers

Some prefer to lay back in the shade of an old oak tree growing next to their long-term concrete pad in an RV park with a nice laundry facility, reliable wi-fi and a mail slot in the manager’s office. These are the think-outside-the-box’ers who, when choosing their home’s foundation, chose rubber over concrete and willingly gave up Saturday shopping sprees at Furniture World in exchange for a totally manageable affordable housing alternative. We have a lot of these sensible RVers at Floridays.

We also have the Rvers who prefer driving the open roads in search of RV campgrounds, truck stop bathrooms, acceptable fuel prices, and garbage and waste dump sites. They are from up north, out west, the south, and Canada. Their RV is in response to an irresistible calling to leave family and friends behind in order to experience the world up close and personal, one RV campground after another. We have these adventurous RVers at Floridays too! These are the people who have problems ordering from Amazon.

For this last group, you have options:

  1. Have family forward it to your campground or RV park.
  2. Rent a box at a local UPS store.
  3. Forward to a post office.
  4. Use a professional mail forward service like My RV Mail.

None of the above are ideal but #4 offers the best services—for a price. They scan your letters and packages and upload the images online. You log on to your account and choose to have a piece forwarded or shredded. And, because they accept FedEx shipments, you can shop on Amazon.
airstream - amazon Locker

But what about those Amazon orders for the rest of us? Use Amazon Locker. Lockers are placed around the U.S. so you choose which Amazon Locker will receive your package and are given a unique pickup code that includes the location address and open hours. The only caveat is that packages are only held for 3 days, so if you order a camp stove while driving through Columbus, Ohio, and have it shipped to Port St. Lucie, Florida, pray that you won’t need a new transmission in Atlanta, Georgia, because you’ll probably miss your pickup window. (By the way, the Amazon Locker in Port St. Lucie, FL is at the Speedway on US Highway 1.)

The Internet-connected RV has changed the landscape of RV ownership and services, making it not just possible, but smart, for retirees and even families to live the lifestyle. And here in Hobe Sound, this remarkable, historic and peaceful remnant of the old Florida with beaches and rivers and wildlife, we look forward to our very own Amazon Locker delivery location. We’ll let you know when it happens.